How to Mix Green Acrylic Paint in Easy Way?

I want to talk about color mixing. I did some seascape mixing in another class before. I will use filo blue, white, and black in the AI ​​card. We are terrine blue. Wait. I also drew some oranges there. I give you a level look, but today I want to make it green. The important thing is that when we paint, we learn to mix our colors, and the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about making green is yellow. 

How to Mix Green Acrylic Paint

Put a little yellow

Let’s put a little yellow on our OA board, but I’m going to put a little yellow in each group. It looks a bit like Tubby today. It’s okay, but every group has a little yellow. So we have a perfect start, and then we go. It’s great. So I traditionally, you should use a palette knife to mix your paint. This is another thing I’m going to do today. I’m using my palette knife, so needless to say, we thought of it first. 

Blue and yellow make green

Blue and yellow make green. We all know, but several different types of blue can produce different types of green. So let’s take a look at what we have prepared for you today. Because some ultramarine let us start from a little Ultramarine starts, let’s put a bit super ocean blue there, so let’s put a little yellow there.

Take a tiny amount of blue

Let’s get only a tiny amount of blue, just a tiny amount of blue to mix with it. You can see our cute green is prominent. If you add more yellow, you can make it thinner. You will get a lighter green, use that green again, let’s move it there. I just changed the back green to this yellow. You can get a lovely mix of green until that hue is a little more green and a little yellow and a little bluer. Let’s make a lovely dark green add a little blue at other times. It’s best to add a little at other times because you can.

Don’t take it away, but you can add it. You can see that this becomes nice, a lovely dark green, so let’s add a little bit there, it’s a little bluer, it’s almost like a Blue-green. According to the color we are there, it’s just pretty and dark, and then the color goes into that color like that so you can see that it’s a good color range of tones, get a little green there and let us get a lot of blue. So we have a lovely dark green to very very light, very very light green, they are ultramarine blue, there are different types of blue, craft blue, cobalt blue, sky blue, more On the green website, but I want to use the blue-green shade. This is the blue feeling.

Make cobalt blue

I found that this is the only range in the data. It is a heavy body paint in the range of Crayola artists. I only have one tube of this, but I think It would be a good blue to try and blend with green because they said something is like you have a warmer cobalt blue. We got a treated blue there, which is more like Is neutral, we got a sky blue there, this It’s a very, very light blue, but I said it’s inherently green. So try all these different blends, try all these different blends, let’s apply a little paint, we have to pinch a little paint, why can’t we do this?

Drive warm green

Let’s paint a little blue. It’s fine unless we’re here today. It’s a different type of green. Knowing you have one. This is what I found. It’s a warm green. You go for a cup of warm green and take it down. Pinch a little bit of yellow and go all the way down to where it is almost yellow. Just like that, adding more blue will not be too dark too fast, so these are traditional methods of making green. Now you can see that there is cute green, and we can continue to Add blue and let me dip in the top spot. You make it darker and darker. 

Tips for making green

This is not my favorite way to make blue-green. I have a skill in making green, See you can get very dark by using the Phaedo green eyes with a blue-green shade, so I think it’s darker and bluer compared to green, you can think of it as an excellent way to mix colors, now people Little is known about yellow and green Mars blocks. They are a set of small blocks of carbon blocks. Do you like Mars blocks?

Because the simple reason is that it is a blue block, so there is blue in it, so I found out It’s not surprising to give this a shake and find that it turns green, because it’s bluish It is biased towards its blue color, so we need a little bit like this. You will see that its pigment is very high, so we don’t want to kill our green color.

Bring it down all the time

You can bring it down all the time, all the way down, all the way down, all the way down. So let’s increase it like that. Yes, it’s just a little yellow. You can see you can take it off. Who is the girl I like? Olive green is actually like olive green. I like to mix green with mass. Together, and then separate a little bit, you can see that it is like olive green, so you only need a small amount of black because you can see the degree of coloring of this black. Do I have to react to yellow? The brightness of the yellow, I said I would be a little darker, now we can darken it so you can see that this is a beautiful green, if you make a tree or something like this or leave it you can add a little Black.

 Add a little ultramarine

You can have a little of this feeling, or blue to change it, or you can add a little ultramarine to the Mars block to make it green, so you have enough room to manipulate this green. It’s just my palette. 

We can darken it a little bit more and darken it in. Okay, dark. It will be a good primer. You can put the darkness. You can go into the darkness and build up slowly, just like you see. What I did to my tree, you see that the landscape I build is always dark to light, so you put the darkness in, and then you build it up, the darker the color, it will become black, but this It’s a lovely way.

Using golden acrylic

It’s a lovely way of landscape painting. I or those who will show it to you can see that it has begun to dry out. It’s more like a blue. It’s more like black. Duty akela is not the other blocker you like. This is the golden acrylic I am using. I don’t use a lot of carbon black, so I only have a small part of carbon black. I don’t use black at all in my paintings. 

In fact, but this will give you a similar effect, let’s get a little yellow there, no, that’s just the black on my palette knife, actually put it on my palette, you go. Okay, so you can see that the more yellow or more, you have to dye this green into yellow; you can add yellow to this green. It will go all the way down, a beautiful light color, so we will start from there.

Add a little more green

We start from there, we start from there and add a little more green, so the color is darker when you go out-I like that the color is always slightly smaller at that time, don’t try to overkill it because it is easy to overmix. Before you know our work, these things are a lot of paint, you think, oh my goodness. I have wasted all our paint, but scrape it up and put it in a small container, but for Some plastic wrap on it, spray it with water. You can say that you can even freeze the paint so that you can do this, but it is evident that when ice crystals form in the paint, what do you have to do once it is thawed? Will you leave it?

Thinner, so if you want to freeze your paint to save them, please be very careful, but don’t throw away any paint. Try to save it if you can, because you never know when you might need that color, even if it’s just for For primer, we even it is just for primer, you never need to waste paint, again, there will always be black, or if we don’t go there on the scale, you can see that it is a lovely green. It is also very similar to that one of the colors you wouldn’t think of adding to shouting or making green is a burnt sepia.

Use a bit of burnt amber to turn yellow

Now I like landscape paintings and other things very much. I use it again in landscape paintings and stuff, and I like me. Like burnt tan instead of black, it’s dark. It’s colored anyway because it’s not. So using a little burnt tan will not be so harsh on the color so let’s use a bit of burnt amber to turn yellow. You can see it turns a little bit green. You can see it is green. I used this in a painting.

I recently made to show you a more pronounced sepia, and this is a lovely and lovely colorful landscape that gives a simple look to the green you might want, the same The principle is obviously the more you add, the darker it will be. The browner you go there, instead of green. Because the less yellow you use, the browser you use, then obviously it will be more inclined Brown. 

Final words

You can see that this changes this, so I suggest you use these color blends. This is an excellent way to make green, these are. It’s perfect for the landscape and the trees and all the beautiful things we come to paint. So play. So this is the ultramarine blue as the shade of Fila’s turquoise, so the mars black carbon black and the burnt tan are all in the Cardon’m. The yellow mix is where we try to see what you come up with. There is another color choice to play with the blues.

I want to put in the I card. Try it wrong. You never know until you try only. You need to grab blue and yellow or black and yellow to make it green. You can save yourself a lot of money. You don’t need to buy green.

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