Can You Use Paint Brushes For Acrylic Fake Nails?

Acrylic nail brushes, choosing the right brush for your acrylic nails can become difficult. It would be best if you thought of parts such as scale and efficiency. As long as you have good skills and master the moves, any nail brush can be used.

Can I use ordinary acrylic nail brushes? Yes, you can use ordinary acrylic nail brushes. However, you must practice skills to do this. Using ordinary acrylic nail brushes is not as easy as using the best acrylic nail brushes.

Can you use paint brushes for acrylic nails

Brush like an acrylic nail brush

Acrylic nail brushes are usually made of sable hair. The sable is a small animal that lives in the forest, similar to Kolinsky. Although brushes are traditionally made of synthetic materials or nylon, some are also made of sable. If you compare a regular brush with an acrylic nail brush, there is not much difference.

But keep in mind that ordinary brushes may produce different results than acrylic nail brushes. However, remember that the thinner the brush, the better for acrylic nails. Use a thinner brush so you can add fine details to the nails.

Choose an acrylic nail brush

To solve the problem and choose the right brush for acrylic nails, I have listed a guide.

Get the right size

For each brush, some sizes range from 0000 to 24.

Large brush for painting large areas

Medium-sized brush, versatile

Small size for details

Depending on your flexibility, skills, and budget, you can start with a medium-sized brush and then gradually expand.

Consider the form

There are eight shapes of brushes, but I will only talk about two shapes for acrylic nails.

1. Round and pointed

The round pointed brush is similar to an oval acrylic nail brush. He has a big belly, which gradually narrows into a large piece of hair. It can cover a large area of ​​bold strokes and redefine details.

2. Flat or rectangular

This shape has a flat square end that can hold a large amount of paint, making it a slim stroke suitable for mixing large areas. On the other hand, the tip and sides of this brush can be used for small brush strokes.

Choose hair bristles

You can use synthetic hair or natural hair. But you should be aware of some differences.

1. Natural brush

I recommended using the brush with natural bristles for an oil painting to resist thick texture. However, brushes with natural bristles can damage the acrylic resin over time. However, the bristles of natural bristles are great for maintaining their shape after multiple uses.

2. Synthetic bristles

There are many options for synthetic hair types. They can successfully imitate the feel of natural hair. Synthetic bristles are very resistant to acrylic and are easier to clean.

The downside of synthetic hair is that it cannot maintain its shape like natural hair.

Final words

In general, the brush is very suitable for acrylic nails. But I would recommend using a synthetic brush to brush acrylic nails. With skill and experience, you can imitate the effect of acrylic nail brushes.

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