How to Apply Polyurethane Over Acrylic Paint?

I will use a 4-inch foam roller to complete 99% of the structure. They may use topcoats. Any type of topcoat. Polyurethane topcoats will almost destroy yours. Paint roller, your paint will wash, so you want to use disposable items.

You can give it six foam rollers, so you can throw this away when you finish this project. You still have some. I really like other paint projects. I will use an effortless foam paintbrush to get into some corners and crevices, you can get these very cheap bags, and then you can throw this away when you are done. 

Then I have an old paintbrush I might do Or may not use it. I will try to avoid using it because I want to keep it for other projects instead of having to throw it away. Still, sometimes this is unavoidable, so I just want to see how these two are. There are some very detailed areas on this dressing table, so that’s why I’m not sure if I really have to use my brushes. Still, it’s better to have one just in case. Let’s talk The topcoat I will use, where I use Thane Triple Thick Polyurethane to clear the internal topcoat three times, is illegal. 

polyurethane over acrylic paint

I chose this because it has an advanced self-leveling formula, so it is straightforward to complete the project. It is three times faster, And it has extreme durability in one coat. It’s basically like putting three coats on your single coat. I’m going to put on one coat. I won’t let you know my opinion on this matter.

Start with my foam roller

We will start painting this. I will start with my foam roller, and then I will follow up with any other painting tools if I need them, so let’s start. You may want to make make sure your furniture surface starts at you. It was spotless before because if it’s not that far, you’ll catch any dust and particles under it. I’m a little surprised that it doesn’t have more powerful dirt, which is good. You also want to go with the texture to get the best effect on the topcoat. In the same direction, my experience is also that the topcoat tends to dry quickly.

Go with the texture to get the best effect on the topcoat

Hence, you want to work quickly and go where you are to really smooth out any blemishes. So I noticed that you can see a lot of traces of the scroll wheel on it. I hope that those won’t be so obvious once it dries out, so we will come back and see once I finish the side and drawer. I will start using my foam paintbrush to get into these cracks and smooth them, so I can use less product on my brush and point out another trick, or when you are doing these.

In the vertical area, be further away from your keys to reach the bottom. You don’t have to apply more pressure. Because naturally, when you descend, they will put more pressure on your work, so if You are farther away, you won’t be so inclined to do this. You can also see that I just took this directly from the jar. I didn’t put it in any kind of pink pot, so when I started to roll it out, I tried to quickly remove the sticky part and, if possible.

Not to use the paint tray

I preferred not to use the paint tray because I feel that I waste a lot less product when I am not using it, and sometimes it’s nice to have an empty one. , You can roll on your roller to remove some excess. Still, if I can do it from the jar, I tend not to use the paint tray, so this time I try not to install so many brushes so that it won’t. It will be severe because of the dripping, so it needs to go through a few more times and dipping and then be covered with a jar.

Still, it should make it more evenly coated with the empty Most of it then really smooths on my feet. It works very fast so that it doesn’t start to dry out and becomes interesting. This is where you encounter some problems if you start to let it dry and then on it. When is it like half-dry in the past, it will lift up and become weird when this happens, you may start to mess up your work, so please be careful and try to work quickly at the same time with another prompt? 

Using leaf blower

When you prepare your area for painting, especially the topcoat. Because in your last coat, you can’t really highlight blemishes as you did in the first few layers of chalk. It’s just if you have a leaf blower, all The particles and particles in your project will chop up your surface area so that you have a spotless area that can reduce weight faster than vacuuming and is more effective. So we have a section on these sides of the dressing table. With a layer of coating, we will start to treat the drawer’s top drawer just like the hardest drawer because it has this de-tailing area. You start with my little foam paintbrush and then get these areas. Maybe I overthink. It seems to use only one foam roller that can work normally. This is the main problem you are painting.

The detail area is just painted or the finish of those illusion cell cracks. This is what the first drawer looks like. I also want to show you what I have painted. The comparison between the furniture parts and the parts that have not been painted. You can see that it is lighter, a bit like an off-white appearance, and then the drawers and the finished top look more polished and finished. I want to continue to apply a second coating on the top of this dressing table.

Apply a second coating on the top

I am delighted with the coverage of the three-layer thick polyester coating, and it has no odor at all. I have never used such an odorless polyester fiber. This is really great. I also think that once it dries a lot, the roller stroke really disappears, so be careful and try to eliminate them when you paint, but if there are some, it’s not that bad. Because I have completely finished all the face paints, I will continue to bring all the dressing tables back. Okay, it has been about four weeks since I painted the dressing table.

I moved it back to mine Boy’s room. I want to come back to give you a full review, tell you how I feel about this thick polyurethane finish, let you know what aspects I like about it and some of the places I don’t like it in the end. If you are looking for a durable and solid finish, I would definitely recommend this product. It’s what it says. It’s very effective in high-traffic areas because I think my kids must have been testing whether their dressers are really durable.

Their intention is that the pen is still there. The pen has actually been wiped off. I just used some light soap and water. I was able to wipe off the pen, but the finish did not come off. So I was impressed by my children being a bit rough. When they pull the current drawer and the paint is not chipped or peeled, it is definitely a durable finish. I would recommend it for those high-traffic projects where you need it, and I am also impressed that it is a thick polyurethane Product.

Three times

Hence, the way it’s applied, I’m worried that it’s tough to apply, and it won’t be applied three times, and it’s not the case at all. Yes, it’s a thicker product than it is. But the fluidity is not worse than some of the other polyurethanes I have used. I think the foam roller is definitely the way to get a really smooth application, and I will not apply it in any other way.

Then I will show you how I apply it in this video. The overall way the furniture is impressive. One thing I don’t like about it is that it’s not a super matte or a true matte finish. It says it’s a clear matte, it still has a very dull gloss for me. Would say it is more like a satin finish and not so much. I haven’t finished the one I painted it. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I recently discovered a product if you are looking for a natural matte finish​​ .

We will use the video that will be released soon. I really like it is the same polyurethane unique soft-touch finish. It is an authentic natural finish. I absolutely like this with the milk paint project, which is better for chalk painting projects. Overall I will definitely use it again and recommend it here. It is finished. I am delighted with the result of this dressing table. I want something more modern, not so rustic.

Their room is precisely the look achieved by using a topcoat and this brand of chalk paint. If you miss all the steps required to paint it, worry about it and prepare for the final step.

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